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26 October 2002

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Hi there everyone.

We are now in Gibralta, having worked our way down through France (Lyon to Marseilles) and the Spanish coast. We are getting on fine with life on the truck ("Priscilla Queen of the Desert"). We have so far camped in two camp sites (which means two showers so far) three motorway laybyes and last night on a beach. There are 26 of us - mainly women - plus the driver, mechanic and guide. We all seem to get on very well so far.

We seem to be the only one with so many "toys" but one guy has bought two camping easy chairs with him. We also seem to be going through beer at a hell of a rate!

Debs is one of the quatermasters, and I've been assigned to cooking group number 7 which means I have to cook on Mondays. So far the food has been good. The groups have made fajitas, curry, spag bol etc, and we had cooked breakfast this morning. Lunch alwasy seems to be cheese sandwiches though.

We are all going to be assigned sand matting groups tonight as we got stuck in the sand on the beach last night!

We have walked over to Gibralta today and seen the monkeys. We are going to catch up on some washing tomorrow and get in as many showers as we can before we leave.

We will be heading over to Morocco on Monday. Then the real African adventure begins.

Steve & Debs


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